The Fondation Charles de Gaulle is located in the building at 5 Rue de Solférino in Paris, occupied by General de Gaulle between July 1947 and 29th May 1958.
With General de Gaulle’s agreement, the Institut, now the Fondation Charles de Gaulle, has sought to perpetuate the memory of the “Man of June 18th” since 1971.

The Fondation Charles de Gaulle is:

  • an independent and apolitical association
  • a State-approved public interest foundation.

The Fondation's mission

The mission assigned to the Fondation Charles de Gaulle is to serve the memory of General de Gaulle and to communicate in France and throughout the world the example he set and lessons he has left us through his actions and writings in the defence of values that are part of France’s heritage.

Its endeavours

To this end, the Fondation seeks to promote:

  • Research and the preservation of any written document, audiovisual work or testimonial in any form to make them available to researchers and the public;
  • The preservation, acquisition and management of any material or immaterial asset or object related to the work, life and memory of General de Gaulle;
  • The promotion of works, research and publications, in particular in the form of bursaries;
  • The editing and publication of reference works and periodicals;
  • The organization of colloquiums, conferences and study programmes;
  • The organization of permanent or temporary exhibitions in France and abroad.

The memory

The Fondation’s actions also aim at preserving the memory of the freedom fighter, the Man of June 18th, the leader of Free France and the founder of the Fifth Republic. For this reason, it participates in major commemorations of de Gaulle’s legacy, and designs and realizes events in France and abroad to protect this legacy and make it available to the public.

New means of communication

Today, in order to reach an increasingly large public, the Fondation has adopted new means of communication and uses new technologies. It has equipped the “Gaullian” sites of Paris, Lille and Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises with the most modern museographic installations.

The Fondation’s projects

The Fondation’s objective also involves looking to the future and associating the General’s name with current issues, in particular in countries where Charles de Gaulle’s actions have had a particular impact on the population. Based on this legitimacy, the Fondation Charles de Gaulle brings its institutional and private sector partners together to work on forward-looking projects in France and elsewhere in the world.

The Fondation Charles de Gaulle is committed to serving France by promoting the timeless values inherent in Charles de Gaulle’s life and legacy.