8 November 1942 - Speech on the radio from London

On 7 November the Americans and British began landing massive forces in French North Africa. The operation was carried out without the official involvement of Fighting France.

The allies of France have set out to bring French North Africa into the war of liberation. They are beginning to land massive forces there. The aim is to bring about a situation in which our Algeria, our Morocco and our Tunisia constitute the starting-point for the liberation of France. Our American allies are at the head of this enterprise.

The moment is well-chosen. After winning a crushing victory, our British allies, supported by French troops, have recently driven the Germans and Italians out of Egypt and have entered Cyrenaica. Elsewhere, our Russian allies have decisively broken the enemy's supreme offensive on the Volga and in the Caucasus. The French people, united in resistance, waits only for the opportunity to rise en masse. 

Fighting France, which has already brought a part of the Empire back into this sacred war, has always hoped and intended that the rest of the Empire should do as much. All the rest of the Empire, and above all French North Africa, where so much glory was won in days gone by, and where so many forces are in place.


To the leaders, soldiers, sailors, airmen, officials and French settlers of North Africa I say, rise up! Help our allies! Join them without reservations. Fighting France calls upon you. Never mind names or formulas. There is only one issue that matters: the salvation of our homeland. Let all those with the courage to stand up, despite the enemy and in the face of treason, be assured in advance of the approval, the recognition and the acclaim of all the Fighting French. Scorn the cries of the traitors who would seek to persuade you that our allies wish to take over our Empire for themselves.