27 May 1958 - Press release

The Pflimlin government was unable to restore the authority of the state, either in Algeria or in France itself. Corsica rallied to the movement initiated in Algiers. In Paris, there were fears of an attempted military coup backed up by the arrival of paratroopers. Guy Mollet, appointed Prime Minister on 15 May, wrote a letter to General de Gaulle on 25 May. Pierre Pflimlin met de Gaulle on the evening of 26 May. For the third time since the events of 13 May, General de Gaulle made a public statement.

I began yesterday the regular process necessary to the establishment of a republican government capable of assuring the unity and independence of the country.

I expect that this process will go forward and that the country will make it clear, through its calm and its dignity, that it wishes to see this process completed.

Under these circumstance any action, from whatever side, which jeopardises public order risks having the gravest consequences. While appreciating the circumstances, I could in no way condone any such action.

I expect of the land, naval and air forces present in Algeria that they continue to act in exemplary fashion, under the orders of their commanders : General Salan, Admiral Auboyneau, General Jouhaud. To these commanders, I express my full confidence and my intention to make contact with them at the earliest opportunity.