25 January 1960 - Speech broadcast on the radio

The rioting which has just been broken out in Algiers is a blow against France itself.

A blow against France in Algeria.

A blow against France in the world.

A blow against France within France itself.

With the government, in agreement with parliament, called upon and supported by the nation, I took up the reins of state in order to revive our country and, in particular, by uniting all its communities, to bring to fruition in strife-torn Algeria a solution that would be wholly French.

I say in all lucidity and in all simplicity that if I failed in my task, the unity, the prestige and the fate of France would, by the same token, be compromised. First and foremost, there would be no chance of her continuing her great work in Algeria.

I call upon those in Algiers who have risen up against their homeland, misled as they may have been by lies and calumnies, to return to the order of the nation. Nothing is lost for a Frenchman when he rallies to his native France.

I express my deep-rooted confidence in Paul Delouvrier, Delegate General, in General Challe, commander-in-chief, in the forces under their orders serving France and the state, in the Algerian population, so dear and so […]

For my part, I shall do my duty.

Vive la France !